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At Global Green Building our goal is to create a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly building process.  All building projects can benefit from a green building plan that is tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.  As products, technology, and information continue to advance, you can count on Global Green Building to keep up with the changing green technology and bring this information to our customers at an affordable price.


George Van Hoesen has a Masters Degree in Natural and Applied Sciences.  His fields of study include community planning, environmental law, systems design, and extensive research in ventilation.  Currently, George has a patent for an energy efficient ventilation system.  When partnered with a heat pump, this system takes advantage of mean ground temperatures to improve heat pump efficiency and ventilation rates.  George is dedicated to bringing affordable green consulting to everyone.  His goal is to improve the sustainability of the built environment by offering affordable alternatives that everyone can use.  Click George's globe for a resume.


Edith Van Hoesen has a Bachelors' degree in Administrative Management with a background in logistics, training and education.  Her attention to detail and commitment to customer service insures that Global Green Building will strive to find the best plan for each individual project. Edith is working to bring the educational goals of the company to the forefront of the business plan.  Edith and George have been married for over twenty years and have four children.  The health and sustainability of the world is important and both Edith and George want to provide a way for future generations to live in a safe and healthy environment.