Global Green Building
Fact Sheet
Energy Facts - © 2006 US Green Building
Fact  #1: 56% of a homes energy use is heating and cooling
Fact  #2: EPA studies show that higher ventilation rates can cut sick days from work by as much as 50%
Fact  #3: There are ventilation standards for residential construction
Fact  #4: According to EPA and American Lung Association studies people spend 80 to 90% of their day inside a building and of that time 65% of the day is in their own home.  
Fact  #5: The average cost to operate a 15-watt compact fluorescent light 4 hours per day for a year is $1.26.
Fact  #6: The Average cost to operate a 60-watt incandescent light "which gives off the same amount of light as a 15-watt compact fluorescent light" is $7.03.
Fact  #7: There are approximately 1,850,000 homes built every year according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
Fact  #8: The average single family home in the United States today is 2320 square feet of space according to the NAHB.
Fact  #9: Each new home will generate 3.5 to 6 tons of construction waste. 
Fact  #10:

A typical home built between 1990 and 2001 used $1600.00 worth of energy per year. 

Fact  #11: Saving 30% on your utility bill would save you $480.00 per year.
Fact #12:    The average population of the world until 1850 was 500,000,000 people. 
Fact #13:      

The population today is 13 times as much as it was in 1800.

Fact # 14: The population of the world is growing at 2% per year and will double in less than 40 years.
Fact # 15: The USA is 5% of the worlds population and we consume 25% of the worlds energy and resources.