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Global Green Building offers environmental solutions for every size building and development project.  We will tailor a green building or development plan that meets your needs and level of commitment.  The following list provides an overview of the main categories of green consulting services.

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          Site Design

Community Planning

Low Impact Development (LID)



Global Green Building will be there to guide you through your entire project.  Whether a development, commercial property or residence, we can create an energy efficient & resilient design and building plan from site choice to turn key. 


Training and Speaking  




Global Green Building can tailor educational and informative training for groups of any size.  This affordable service can set your company ahead of the curve in understanding green and its place in your business.  Please call us to discuss your needs and get information on price and availability.

Energy Conservation

Energy Efficient





Global Green Building can guide you through the maze of energy efficient & resilient building alternatives. 

Energy Efficient Systems

Alternative Products


Global Green Building offers a patented, innovative ventilation system for residential and commercial applications. We will also search for other alternative products and systems that meet your specific needs for efficient use of energy.

On Site Resources

Local Materials



Using raw materials produced far away from a building site increases the carbon footprint (amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to the the consumption of fossil fuels used to produce and ship)
Global Green Building can investigate onsite and local resources available for your build. 

Water Conservation 

Water Reuse

Sewage System Choices

Storm Water Management


One of the most wasted and abused resources in the built environment is the water supply. 

Global Green Building can tailor a plan to conserve and reuse runoff & gray water, create low flow hydroelectric power plants and create sewage systems designed with your specific location and project size in mind.

Energy Efficient & Resilient Home Design

Sustainable Design




At the start of every project there are opportunities to evaluate the building plan for alternate energy cosumption options. A sustainable design will create a resilient building that will last for generations.   Lot selection, structure orientation and building product options are some of the many ways that we can create an energy efficient and sustainable structure.  Let Global Green Building show you the variety of options available.

Project Management

Land Development

Sustainable Development



Global Green Building can guide your building project from start to finish.  With shrinking open space caused by sprawling city landscapes, Global Green Building can show you project options that preserve green space while providing energy efficient & resilient infrastructure options.  Let us walk you through the building process while saving time, money and the environment.

Healthier Environment 




According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Lung Association one of the greatest health risks we face is our indoor environment.  Global Green Building can create a plan to lessen these air, water and environmental risk factors with cost effective ventilation and filtration options.  

Homeowner's Building Plan



Global Green Building can create a green building plan that is individualized for your building project.  This plan will examine your level of green and create a check list of energy efficient building options for your next building project.