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Levels of Green

Levels of Green Living - © 2006 US Green Building

LEVEL I.          I want to do what is right, but I don't have much time to spare.  I need a quick and easy plan to apply to my existing home, home plans  or business to make my building more energy efficient and resilient.  I want to improve what I already have started.  What products and alternatives will provide safety, save energy, time and money?

LEVEL II.        I am interested in learning more.  What are my alternatives?  I would like an overall plan that is designed around my home, business or development whether existing or for new construction.  I am interested in a resilient and energy efficient building.  I am willing to choose alternative that will save me money in the future.

LEVEL III.     I will do what it takes to create a sustainable structure, provide a high level of safety with resilient construction techniques, conserve energy, preserve the environment and live a healthier life.  I need a comprehensive plan that is site specific for my home, business or development starting today that allows me to have a sustainable design, environmentally friendly infrastructure, use renewable energy sources, preserve and reuse resources, conserve energy, manage storm water and sewer, improve the indoor air quality (IAQ), control pollution, and preserve the environment.